Shipping or transporting cargo is considered to be an important system in the nation’s economy. In facts, cargo management system plays a vital role in propelling the overall GDP of the country. Without this dynamic industry, no product will reach the end-users for whom the products are made. Hence, it is mandatory for every business owners to know the importance of the cargo management system and they need to work along with freight shipping companies in ensuring their products reach the ultimate consumers to whom they are intended for. More importantly, it is the responsibility of every business owners to know the various Types of cargo management system and transportation available to them.

In general, cargo or freight refers to the items that are to be transported from one place to another place for a commercial gain. At the time there will be a need to ship some flood-relief items to the affected areas; where there is no commercial gain is involved. In fact, in such emergencies, only efficient shipping firms are hired so that the needy materials are shipped for the affected people. In such situations, even these shipping firms undertake such a noble task without expecting any payment in order to show the community about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

There are many types of cargo systems operate across the globe. This article shares some of the common types of cargo transportation involved in the normal times. Marine cargo is an important type used to ship bulk items like cars, trucks and other large products. These items are stacked on pallets and are placed by using the large-sized cranes at the ports. However, shipping cars and trucks within the country are taken by roads because of the growth of containerization and quality roads.

However, car makers who export cars have to use marine cargo system in order to reduce the cost. Sending cars by air is considered to be expensive. Besides these vehicles, marine cargo is well used for transporting a large amount of oil, coal and other elements to the specific destinations. Government agencies prefer this route to cut cost and to prevent accidents.

Cargo sent through air known as air cargo or air freight. Most of the overseas transactions are taking place through this type of transportation. Though said to be expensive, most business owners prefer this mode of transportation to save time while delivering the products to the customers. This type of cargo usage is determined by the product as well as the need for urgency as well. Interestingly, air cargo is done through the special aircraft which are designed exclusively for this purpose.

Trains are used to carry innumerable containers which are used to carry materials from the ports. Trains are used to carry other goods like steel, coal, wood and other items. According to the financial experts, rail transport system is found to be highly cost-effective than the other types like marine and air cargos. Transporting through trucks by using the roads is the most preferred mode of transportation and also comes with a lesser cost to the consumers and business owners.

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